In His Eyes

One of my favorite contemporary Christian songs is Stephen Curtis Chapman’s His Eyes. The lyrics provide a thoughtful look at Jesus’ eyes- what’s in them, what they reveal about our Saviour.

It gives me pause to remember that Jesus loves everyone just as they are, not just as they will become. Yesterday at work I was chatting with a member of the housecleaning staff. She brought up the thought-provoking question of whether we WASPs would accept Jesus if we knew that he were dark-skinned, even black. How do we feel about a Saviour that is different from us; who is seperated by time, nationality and skin-color? Does this make any difference to us? And if it makes no difference what color our Saviour was, then why does it make any difference in our eyes if His followers do not all look exactly like us? We know that ‘in Christ there is no respect of persons’, so why is there respect of persons among those of us who claim to follow Him?

If only we could see through the eyes of Christ for one moment, what a difference that would make in our love for our fellow humans! If we could see through the eyes of Christ, we would see the great human needs in each individual rather than focusing on what makes us different from them. Through the eyes of Christ, we could love in deed and in truth, as indeed He commanded us to do.

“If you love Me, follow My commandments.”

Do I love Him?

Do I love Him enough to follow His commandments?


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