A Life Well Lived: Daily Prompt

This Daily Prompt: Success! really got me to thinking.

What is a life well lived to me? What is success?

A big house?  A large paycheck? Popularity? High-powered friends? Tailored clothes? A fancy car? If I am honest with myself, I must admit that on some level all that will mean success to me. But on another, deeper level, I feel that all those things will not really be what makes a life worth living. Possessions and popularity just don’t cut it when I am looking death in the face.

Life is precious, life is short. There is not nearly enough time to explore all the choices for living my life. So I have given some thought to choosing a path that I will not regret when time for me runs out. When my life is reduced to the dash between the dates on a tombstone, I want that dash to be meaningful.

A life well lived….

A life of love and laughter; a life of faith and optimism; of determination and loyalty; a cheerful smile and a word of hope. Mishaps and serendipidity; rebellion and repentance; beauty and pain; life will have all of those. Today at work a patient quoted to me some words of a dear friend of his, “I have made many mistakes and all that I have done was imperfect.” Amen, brother! Me too.

But that is not the end of the story. Imperfection does not mean failure. God loves me. Just as I am. Not the way I will be tomorrow or next week or when I finish school.

So what IS a life well lived?    The simplest answer:

Following the Galilean is the best way to live life. Jesus promises adventures, battles, journeys, trials, victories, and support for the way and a victory ceremony that is totally out of this world! Forget the Victorian sourpuss image. Following Jesus is the greatest adventure I could ever have, and I am looking forward to what He has in store for me tomorrow, in the next step of a life well lived.


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