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Now Beginning Comp. and Lit. Class

A new semester is beginning, and I am getting excited about what I will learn over the next few months. I am taking Composition and Literature this year, and though I was not sure that I would actually like it, ( I attended a one-room Mennonite school, through eighth grade only, so I have never had a class even remotely like this), I was pleasantly surprised on the first day of class. Our professor is a transplant from the West coast, with a laid-back attitude to match his upbringing. He is willing to encourage us to think, though he seems too surprised whenever someone actually shows any signs of having done so.

I am especially looking forward to the Honors Credit Project that I am planning for this class. I have formerly completed an Honors project in sociology and really enjoyed it. I love digging into stuff and going deeper than the regular classes allow us to do. For this project I am going to research the life and works of Dorothy L. Sayers, who is rather well known as the creator of the Lord Peter Wimsey detective stories, but less well-known for her theological works and translation of Dante, which she counted as the crowning achievement of her lifetime.

For an Honors project, we are also required to in some way give others the opportunity to learn from our in-depth project. I am hoping to introduce my classmates to a marvelous writer who deserves to be better known.

At the end of the semester:

See the next post for the final essay for the Honors Project. Check out some of Sayers’ books; they are well worth the read!


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