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Join the Conversation on Unique Education

Our educational experiences shape us in important ways. My own experience within an Old Order Mennonite school has shaped me both as a person and as a student. The years spent in that one-room schoolhouse are an important part of who I am today. My current experience in a community college is also playing a huge role in what I am becoming.
As I explored the unique educational system in which I received my educational foundation, I became curious about the experiences of others who were/are in similar (or very different!) educational systems operating outside the “typical” experience of kids in their country. At an undergraduate research conference, I met Rachel, a fellow student who has done extensive research on utopian communities. We both presented at the  conference, and became intrigued by the possibilities of integrating our projects. We have decided to collaborate on a research experience that will explore “different” primary and secondary educational experiences, with a focus on closed and semi-closed cultural groups.
So now it is your turn! Tell us about your experience in education, what you’ve observed, your thoughts on educational systems in “different” cultures. You may leave comments here on WordPress, or check out the Facebook group which we’ve set up.
And to reiterate what my collaborator says on our Facebook group:

We want to share the good and the bad experiences in order to see just how great — or not so great– different systems are. That said, we REQUIRE absolute respect while facilitating discussions. So if you cannot respect others and other ideas, we WILL remove and block you in order to protect our other members.

Thanks for sharing! We look forward to hearing others’ experiences, comments and opinions.


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