Education / Nursing

Daily Prompt: Back to School

If I could go back to school  to master anything I chose,
what would I choose?

I don’t have to look to the future to answer this question….I am enrolled on a nursing program and loving every minute of it. Although mastery may never truly be attained–nursing is just as much an art as a science–I am determined to continue this journey until I become incapable of learning. “And Please, God, Never let that happen! Rather let me die in the middle of an exciting project than to let me live until I can no longer learn.”

Nursing is a wide and varied field which covers many disciplines. As nursing continues to move forward in the professional world, nursing has become less and less a trade and more and more a profession, attracting intelligent, devoted and educated people. No longer is it impossible to pursue a respected higher degree within the nursing field. What this means for me is that to truly become a person of excellence in nursing, I will need to continue to learn about a wide variety of subjects. I need to integrate biochemistry, sociology, philosophy, anatomy, psychology, and anthropology into the practice of nursing. This is a challenge which is likely to keep me occupied for the rest of my life–and that is just the way I like it!

I anticipate that for the rest of my life, the question about what I want to go back to school to master will always be answered in a way that could apply to nursing. I could pursue advanced degrees in education, science, or philosophy and still be in the nursing field. When I attain this degree, I may pursue another… blending a passion for caring and a passion for learning has never been so rewarding!


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