8 Qualities That Make Up Great Nurses

I’m proud to be in the nursing profession!


great nurseI could hardly wait to write this article.  Why? Because I have always felt that – in general (disclaimer so I don’t offend anyone) – you have to possess a certain type of personality to be a great nurseThe question is: Are there common denominators to the personality of nurses? I say, yes!

  1. Sense of humor.I have found this to be one of the definite nursing characteristics. We may, at times, have “darker” humor than others, but we have experienced things in our professional life that would not be complete without the little sarcastic comment or funny pun thrown into the mix. It’s what keeps us going in the tough times!
  2. Professionalism. I have been in other professions and in the military. I have always found that we understand what nursing professionalism and ethics are and apply these qualities to their practice each day. It is…

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