Nothing is Impossible


I am an inveterate note-taker when I am in class, and the habit has now followed me to church as well. I find that when I am attending a service immediately after getting off of a twelve-hour night shift (as I routinely do!), taking notes is a good way to stay awake and stay focused on the sermon.

Rather than jotting down every word that is said, I tend to note major themes. A recent sermon focused on “Nothing Is Impossible.” From this, I collected the following impressive list of states of being and states of action that are possible with Christ. In no particular order:

* Patience
* Temperance
* Diligence
* Self-denial
* Persistence
* Humility
* Single-mindedness
* Grace
* Love
* Meekness
* Obedience
* Steadfastness
* Reflectiveness

“With men it is impossible, but all things are possible with God.”
–Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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