coffee and donuts…

I just got off my ‘extra’ shift of the week–we are all taking turns covering shifts in four hour increments while a co-worker is out on maternity leave. 0300 to 0700 is both easy and rough; easy in that you still have the rest of the day in which to do stuff and you haven’t actually been up all night, hard in that 0200 is an uncivilized hour-of-rising and I’m always too tired to really do anything after about noon.
All that aside, I’m just decided that my new favorite breakfast (and a tribute to some amazing people!) is coffee and donuts. To understand why coffee and donuts is such a big deal, you must realize that due to multiple food intolerances, I rarely eat baked goods of any kind, and when I do, they are usually ridiculous expensive or dry and flavorless, sometimes both. So thanks to kinnikinnick Foods for some amazing gluten/allergen-free chocolate-dipped donuts! You made my day!


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