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Continuing Resolution

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. But this year, I am going to make some continuing resolution. I’m not resolving to change anything, to become a new me, to lose weight, to eat healthier (whatever that may mean), to exercise more, et cetera. Instead, I am resolving to

* Continue to study hard and well.

* Continue to live for the Lord of heaven and earth.

* Continue to be the best employee, co-worker, colleague and fellow-student that I can be.

* Continue to follow the diet, supplement, and exercise regimen that has allowed me to be healthier (following a struggle with Lyme Disease) than I have ever been before.

* Continue to be there for my family and loved ones.

That’s the short list, the most important ones. I am sure that with a little more time I could come up with a much longer list, but I need to go be with my family for dinner, before heading in to work. Continuing resolutions, in progress!


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