Ars Vivendi

Ars Vivendi–the art of living. This phrase is most frequently associated with Zen Buddhism (as a quick Google search will show), but I believe that ars vivendi is best demonstrated in a life dedicated to following Jesus Christ–the supreme Master of the art of living. To live fully and well, which is the essence of … Continue reading


Free Moral Agent

Here is a quick overview of some thoughts–some my own and some the pastor’s–from the sermon this morning. We humans are Free Moral Agents–but what does that mean? I took the phrase apart, and this is a quick look at some possible shades of meaning, though by no means exhaustive. Free– Humans have free will. … Continue reading

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Dorothy L. Sayers; An Intellectual Christian

British theologian, playwright, and mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers is an intriguing and complex person. Her writing is widely varied, ranging from whimsical short stories to thoughtful theological expositions. There are several themes that run throughout her life and writing. The first is the importance of work, of having an occupation that can challenge and … Continue reading