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New blog on Unique Education

I have a new blog! Yep, that’s right. I have branched out and created another blog, this one devoted to the research my friend Rachel and I are doing on educational systems in Utopian communities. Although I plan to continue to post short updates about this project here on cypresstreeblog, the majority of information will … Continue reading

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Exploring Unique Educational Experiences

“How soon do we forget what elders used to know: That children should be raised, not left like weeds to grow.” – Art Buck Raising children often includes a formal system of education. As I explore the ways in which parents choose to teach their children, I am realizing that educational systems vary widely from … Continue reading

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Join the Conversation on Unique Education

Our educational experiences shape us in important ways. My own experience within an Old Order Mennonite school has shaped me both as a person and as a student. The years spent in that one-room schoolhouse are an important part of who I am today. My current experience in a community college is also playing a … Continue reading