Daily Prompt: Nightmare Job

One job I can’t imagine myself doing?   Spending eight or twelve hour shifts inspecting an endless assembly line of widgets for potential flaws. Its necessary and important, but I’m not cut out for that kind of continued attention to the same few details. Kudos to those who do!   Advertisements Continue reading

Education / Nursing

Daily Prompt: Back to School

If I could go back to school  to master anything I chose, what would I choose? I don’t have to look to the future to answer this question….I am enrolled on a nursing program and loving every minute of it. Although mastery may never truly be attained–nursing is just as much an art as a … Continue reading


A Life Well Lived: Daily Prompt

This Daily Prompt: Success! really got me to thinking. What is a life well lived to me? What is success? A big house?  A large paycheck? Popularity? High-powered friends? Tailored clothes? A fancy car? If I am honest with myself, I must admit that on some level all that will mean success to me. But on … Continue reading