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Dorothy L. Sayers; An Intellectual Christian

British theologian, playwright, and mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers is an intriguing and complex person. Her writing is widely varied, ranging from whimsical short stories to thoughtful theological expositions. There are several themes that run throughout her life and writing. The first is the importance of work, of having an occupation that can challenge and … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

If I could spend a year studying anywhere in the world, where would I go? What would I study?  Let’s set some ground rules here: money is no object; neither are work and familial responsibility; and any present studies can be interrupted without jeopardizing my career. That being the case, I am going to study … Continue reading

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To Be Read- Books Galore

Ever since the moment in first grade when those marks on paper became decipherable and began speaking to me, revealing the stories, the  hopes, the dreams, that were hidden in printing, I have loved books and reading. I read and reread every book on my parent’s bookshelf, until many of the characters became as living, breathing, talking people … Continue reading