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Book Review: Caleb’s Crossing

Caleb’s Crossing is one of the most hauntingly beautiful narratives of historical fiction that I have read in a long time. The book is set in 16th century New England, and is  based on the true story of a young Wampanoag man who became the first Native American graduate from Harvard. We view the unfolding tale … Continue reading


Nothing is Impossible

I am an inveterate note-taker when I am in class, and the habit has now followed me to church as well. I find that when I am attending a service immediately after getting off of a twelve-hour night shift (as I routinely do!), taking notes is a good way to stay awake and stay focused … Continue reading

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New blog on Unique Education

I have a new blog! Yep, that’s right. I have branched out and created another blog, this one devoted to the research my friend Rachel and I are doing on educational systems in Utopian communities. Although I plan to continue to post short updates about this project here on cypresstreeblog, the majority of information will … Continue reading

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Dorothy L. Sayers; An Intellectual Christian

British theologian, playwright, and mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers is an intriguing and complex person. Her writing is widely varied, ranging from whimsical short stories to thoughtful theological expositions. There are several themes that run throughout her life and writing. The first is the importance of work, of having an occupation that can challenge and … Continue reading

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Now Beginning Comp. and Lit. Class

A new semester is beginning, and I am getting excited about what I will learn over the next few months. I am taking Composition and Literature this year, and though I was not sure that I would actually like it, ( I attended a one-room Mennonite school, through eighth grade only, so I have never … Continue reading


Discovery: I Love Blogging!

When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to have an easily accessible way to post papers for classmates to read. As it turned out, I have not used my blog for that purpose, although I did post one paper that was written for a Sociology project. Instead I have been posting on … Continue reading